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Bullying doesn’t have to be part of the school experience. Learn how parents can immunize their children in Louise Hart’s back to school article.

The Bullying Antidote focuses on solutions. Parents will evolve.” — Dr. Laura Markham

The Bullying Antidote
is a well-researched resource for practical positive parenting skills that can help kids of all ages avoid the bullying dynamic forever. Now booking workshops for parents and teachers of pre-schoolers to teens!

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“You can stop looking now. If you are looking for the definitive book on bullying, you have found it.” — Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D., Life Coach, Psychology Professor

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ZORGOS PROJECT fundraiser ends tonight!


I am not BULLYING you into donating with this final fundraising push… I’m asking! Nicely! (And a little giddy at the 11th hour!)

book-tiltedOne of my dear readers tells me he opens The Bullying Antidote every day to a random page, and like an oracle, there is always a bit of wisdom that applies to his life. Opening it tonight, I come across this line: “It seem so simple: if you want something, ask for it. But most of us try everything else first.” 

ZORGOS funnyI have tried entertaining everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and email with stories and movies—even a blooper reel!

Now, I would never stoop to bullying my beloved fans into making a donation, so here goes my third and final direct and charming ASK:

Pretty please make a donation RIGHT NOW to The Zorgos Project! We have a $1000 matching donation and our crowdfunding operation ends at midnight Wednesday

Thursday, we will give thanks for one another, and how awesome we are to make this happen together!

Click here to see more pictures from last night’s celebration & kickoff.

And now for a different kind of ASK:

bunnyPlease for the love of God donate; I’m sick of fundraising and can’t wait to start the work! So listen to this bunny:


p.p.s. Happy Holidays, starting NOW, to you and yours!!!


Happy Hour for Happier Kids!


Let’s start Thanksgiving early at The Lake Chalet!

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We are working hard to bring The ZORGOS Project to Oakland, and our Start Some Good fundraiser ( ends the day before Thanksgiving!

Help us meet our goal and share in our GRATITUDE with our supporters at this event! Read the rest of this entry

While writing The Bullying Antidote…


One week to go in my fundraiser for Oakland Kids. Please donate, share, participate!

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While writing Chapter 3: Problematic Childrearing Practices, outside my open window my nineteen-year-old neighbor who lives with her unemployed mother sat with her girlfriend on the steps of the apartment next door.

Her toddler, ready for a nap, complained, now and then, in a nonverbal way, as babies do, about the hot sun.

And every time she made a noise, her young mother would say,

“Shut up.”

And instead of going outside and telling her how it hurt me to hear that, and how wrong she was because babies need words to understand what they are feeling or they will grow up and tell everyone to shut up, I had to keep working to meet my deadline.

So I prayed that she would read my book someday. Read the rest of this entry

What I Did For National Bullying Month


It’s been a busy October!

imgresI started a little job as Site Lead at an elementary school for the NoBully program. After having written about out-of-the-box Bully Prevention Programs (Chapter 6 of TBA), it is interesting to be involved in one! NoBully succeeds by building empathy…a key component of Zorgos! (More on this later.)

But there is BIGGER NEWS! BIG BIG BIG! I have been laying the groundwork for a new program in conjunction with Oakland Parents Together: The Zorgos Project. Read the rest of this entry

Your Writing Exercise… is to Exercise!


So, even the great Socrates was into fitness. He said,

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

I’m not sure the guy thought much about women, but we gals like to think n’ have Socratic dialog, too… and this quote, for sure, is about us gals/old ladies/hot babes as well.

So, here’s my guest post from last week on Writer’s Fun Zone on the five types of exercise for writers:

Move Your Body, Move Your Writing

by Kristen Caven @Writer’s Fun Zone

 You don’t get anything done as a writer without having some sort of writing routine. An exercise routine can help you write better because when you put your body to work, your brain gets a re-boost as well. What kind of exercise is best for a writer? The kind that you can do regularly, that is easy to get into, and that gives you real pleasure. Anything that feels like a “should” is not sustainable. Unless you really get sparked by fighting with yourself on a daily basis. Here is a guide to five types of exercise that can keep you fit for writing. Read the rest of this entry