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Bullying doesn’t have to be part of the school experience. Learn how parents can immunize their children in Louise Hart’s back to school article.

The Bullying Antidote focuses on solutions. Parents will evolve.” — Dr. Laura Markham

The Bullying Antidote
is a well-researched resource for practical positive parenting skills that can help kids of all ages avoid the bullying dynamic forever. Now booking workshops for parents and teachers of pre-schoolers to teens!

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“You can stop looking now. If you are looking for the definitive book on bullying, you have found it.” — Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D., Life Coach, Psychology Professor

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Cosmic Citizens Don’t Like Bullying!


In a wonderful two-hour interview I did in Boulder, Colorado, with Paula Thompson, Andre Radatus, and Christilyn Biek-Larson, the hosts of Cosmic Citizen Radio, I only said “um” about 800 times and “you know” about 9000 times!

We talked about bullying from a spiritual perspective, and everyone left feeling full of Zorgos, inspired by Gandalf, and empowered to go out and change the world.

It was a two-hour interview, but if you would like to drop in and listen for a few minutes, here is a guide to the key moments:


We are all graduates!

Dr. Louise Hart (grandma), me, the grad, and one of Oakland’s MVP teachers (dad!)

As my son wraps up his first 13 years of Public School Education, I am wrapping up my own 13-year career as a parent volunteer and, as it turned out, leader. I never expected, when we chose a school for Kindergarten, how much activism would be required. We entered the system at a time it was falling apart like never before, as corporate thought took over the most vulnerable cultural commons. Twenty years of budget cuts triggered by Prop 13 were worsened by an unexpected recession, and charter schools drained the district even further. But somehow, my son learned a lot…and so did I!

Having just completed my two-year term as President Kristen, I feel proud, inspired, and energized by the experience. It’s like I earned an honorary MSH degree (Making S**t Happen) in the field of Playful Leadership, and am now ready to return to my regularly scheduled career… if I can remember what it was!

My motto was, “Good leadership releases energy…”

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Invoking “Invocation!”


Check out the trailer for “Invocation,” a piano & projected poetry performance (say that ten times fast) I created in collaboration with Franz Liszt and concert pianist Daniel Finnamore. It premiered on January 17th to an amazed audience at Oakland Technical High School, invoking a new century at a centennial celebration. (Read more about it here.)

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