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Bullying doesn’t have to be part of the school experience. Learn how parents can immunize their children in Louise Hart’s back to school article.

The Bullying Antidote focuses on solutions. Parents will evolve.” — Dr. Laura Markham

The Bullying Antidote
is a well-researched resource for practical positive parenting skills that can help kids of all ages avoid the bullying dynamic forever. Now booking workshops for parents and teachers of pre-schoolers to teens!

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“You can stop looking now. If you are looking for the definitive book on bullying, you have found it.” — Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D., Life Coach, Psychology Professor

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La Vita è Bella

All the places I am not visiting

All the places I am not visiting

How did I somehow find myself on the top of Mount Vesuvius this morning?

My trip of a lifetime took a strange turn in the hours before it was scheduled to begin. when the life of my traveling companion was suddenly in danger.

With five days left to go, I am blogging the madness into what I hope is a cohesive narrative as the vision of what this trip means becomes more clear. The story begins here. You can follow via email or Google.

You’ve Got That Thing


cover“How would one define a DecoBelle? By her rouged knees? Her bee-stung lips? The gold beachball she carries around? To be in the presence of a DecoBelle is to be in the presence of mystery: How does she do that? Why does she do that? And how does she make it look so easy? What “it” refers to, of course, is the charm that she exudes, the grace with which she carries herself, and the way she makes those around her feel like the world is better with her in it.”

Chapter Three of Dance Like a DecoBelle publishes today. Are you a subscriber?

A New Year…A New Work…A New Art Form?


logo-1Nearly two hundred years ago, a French nobleman named Alphonse LaMartine wrote a series of deeply sentimental meditations on divinity, one of the first examples of Romantic poetry. Inspired by this collection, Franz Liszt composed a soul-searching piano cycle, also called “Harmonies poétiques et religieuses.” And now, coming full circle, I have written lyrics to the thundering opening number, “Invocation.” A bit less florid and rapturous than LaMartine’s original (and a tad more humorous, it being from me and all), my poem comes from an  place of sincere terror. Read the rest of this entry

Support my Dance Evangelism…


I’m hoofin’ it for hoofin’…. doing some fundraising for a class of 50 high school students.  The kids are bringing in donations—dollars and quarters here and there—but they need some help! Can you can make a donation in any amount or sponsor a student? Maybe you’d like to come join the class yourself!

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