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I am a literary creative and independent educator, dedicated to working creatively in all available media. I work in fluffy surfaces and profound depths. I have been called a literary firecracker, a creative force, and the most inspiring person in the room. I am an action-oriented innovator and guide who can activate energy using intellectual insight and emotional wisdom. My top strengths, according to the VIA Strengths Finder (what are yours?) are Creativity, Curiosity, and Critical Thinking.  I owe my creative and collaborative outpouring to my “Generous Muse.” Here are my books. Here’s more about me.

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Here’s an excerpt from my first nationally published article!


Deconstructing the Deco Diet
published in The Sophisticate magazine, 2006

Time Travel with your Tongue

Underneath our modern multicultural influences, the basics of the American Diet have not changed much since the 1930s. You can always rely on a vintage cookbook for a good biscuit or brisket recipe (not to mention a Thanksgiving spread), but for a true Deco dinner, try serving something that’s fallen out of our culinary lexicon – like Hash, Rarebit, or Beef Heart. As a side dish, creatively disguise leftovers as Timbales (any starch or vegetable pre-baked in the shape of a cup to hold creamed or mashed anything), Croquettes (deep-fried creamed or mashed anything), or Bouchés (pastry shells filled with creamed or mashed anything). And as for the salad, don’t feel you must start with lettuce. Any fruit or vegetable will do, and feel free to mold it in flavored or unflavored gelatin. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of sugar, mayonnaise and pimiento (unless, of course, you’re making Stuffed Prune Salad). You can even freeze it if you like. What about Dessert? Get fancy with a Fig Loaf with Plum Sauce or a 1-2-3-4 Cake. Get romantic with Snow Pudding or Spanish Cream. Or keep it simple with oranges cooked in sugar on a mound of boiled rice with whipped or plain cream on the top.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you to everyone who saw or participated in The Dirndl Diaspora!


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