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An innovator and artist who works creatively in any available medium, Kristen Caven is an action-oriented changemaker who works through voice and character as much as intellect and revelation.  Generous Muse represents the outpouring of her imagination and collaborative works.

Artist & Writer

Kristen Baumgardner Caven’s creative career began in high school where she illustrated books, designed t-shirts, and produced films and plays. She was a cartoonist in college, began dancing and modeling in her twenties, wrote screenplays and musicals in her thirties, and novels in her forties, when she also began speaking and teaching. She had her first art gallery showing at age 21, toured as a dancer, and is known for her creative pranks.  Known for approaching challenges with creativity, she blogs profusely and writes articles about parenting, psychology, health, humor, social philosophy and creativity. Her lyrics, poetry, short stories, plays and songs often feature comically layered characters in universally feminine situations. Kristen’s offerings, from graphic novels to greeting cards to books on various topics, all aim to illuminate, enlighten, inspire, and amuse. Read more about her literary awards and publications here.

“Overflowing.” • “Most likely to ‘insight’ a riot”

Speaker & Teacher

Starting her education at a Great Books school and finishing at a Women’s College, Kristen studied at various Art schools and holds a certificate in Applied PositiveTheFlourishingCenter_logo_6001 Psychology from The Flourishing Center. As a lifelong associate of parenting thought leader Dr. Louise Hart, she understands how the child mind underlies all sophisticated expression. Experienced in using conversation to build community, Kristen educates and facilitates on a  diversity of topics, listening to her audience and seeking Promethean insight. Her weekly dance classes and events allow participants to join in expressing themselves freely and joyously.

“Kristen is a great presenter. She enjoys herself and so do we all.”


Kristen is the founder of three publishing companies. Lifeskills Press (now closed) and Uplift Press both “rescued” several crucial books from obscurity and brought forth others into higher platforms. Little Pig Productions began as a joke with her creative husband based on his famous cartoon pig, evolved into a personal blog about their family life, and is now an outlet for art stuff. She has also been an agent of Spiraling Music since 1996.

“Honestly humorous…humorously honest.”



Because we achieve more together, Kristen Caven’s secret Swabian superpower is in re-shaping organizations and activating other creatives. As a design, marketing, and business consultant she has helped artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs make their presence felt through Cowgirl Creative; as a nonprofit leader and structural repair agent she has shaped numerous organizations for endurance and longevity.

Business Leader

CWC-Logo-smallKristen is serving or has served on the boards of Peter Pan Cooperative Nursery School, Friends of Sequoia School, Bret Harte PTSA, Oakland Tech PTSA, The Heart of the MuseChild-Friendly Initiative, and Oakland Parents Together. As director of The Zorgos Project she gave 3000 parenting books to Oaklanders. She is currently president of the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club.

Some of her best leadership, however, is in front of a crowd getting people to dance.

But how do you pronounce her name?


“In my first memoir, I explore my true nature as a “Liberal Artist” in every sense: Liberal as in free-thinking, as in bountiful, and as in having to do with books.”

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