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I’m pulling out all the stops to create a great experience for my community in October. Play with my new play, The Dirndl Diaspora!

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Fresh sentences…from The Dirndl Diaspora, Draft 6.2.


Xlander has a Masters in Peace studies, and wrote an article on how to disrupt hate groups, hate speech, and hate think.

He’s been writing about the race wars. Not so much the wars between races but about race, about how the tasty boots propaginfo-conspiracy complex fearfueling the white supremacist brain deniers—what did you call them again? Ge hern ver vy ger rers. Kind of like how feminism is about equality but everyone thinks it’s about female superiority? It’s about how Black Lives Matter is about equality but the Gehirnburgers think it’s some sort of threat to their well-being? They’re so confused they’re conflating anti-fascism with actual fascism. And they’re still afraid of Marx but who the hell in this century has ever read Marx?


Dang, I need to read that.

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