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Have a slice of LitCake!

LitCake entries
This summer I won a great honor… first place in the California Writers Club‘s annual literary dessert contest!

The cake I made was a collaborative effort with my family; we’d made it once before for a baking contest for the teen program at Chabot Science Center. The cake represented HAL 9000, the passive-aggressive supercomputer from the Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001… and since it was powered by technology (an iPod spouting lines from the movie), it drowned out all the other cakes with its awesomeness.

Here’s HAL 9000 saying out loud what everyone was thinking…

Please join me this Sunday at my writers club’s open house! Feel free to bring a cake. And don’t worry – you won’t have HAL to compete with since I’ll be the emcee. More information here: Open House – “LitCake” party on October 20th | California Writers Club — Berkeley Branch.

Litcake postcard

a mini-lit-cake

The cake I was proudest of… a cupcake bearing the cover of my second book, The Reason She Left!

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