I am not a brand.


To be a successful writer (or artist, or anything that involves money, relationship, or consistency), we are now supposed to think of ourselves as a brand.

For years I have helped other artists and creatives to try to craft their image, but I can’t seem to do it for myself. And the poet and the activist in me wonders if that kind of thinking is part of the problem… Corporations are now people—and people have to think of themselves as corporations.

I am a human being.

I have struggles and stories and questions and dreams. I have a busy mind, I have products, I have opinions and agendas. I write about them, I speak about them, I work with them responsively. As a human, a humanist, a humanitarian.

I am big.

I am growing.

And when I try to define myself, this is what happens:

I fascinate, I mesmerize, I energize, I rhapsodize. I speak to crowds, I eulogize. I fantasize and galvanize. I analyze and synthesize, mythologize, and compromise. Sometimes I evangelize, and when I must, apologize. I really love to organize, and every day, I exercise.

See what I mean?

Websites are supposed to be for selling. But I see mine as an evolving artwork, a place to play.

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