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Handwashing & Heartmath

Back in January, when the virus was still in Wuhan, a friend forwarded me a link to a YouTube tarot reading that foresaw bodies around the globe being stacked in pyramids. It sounded symbolic, but the pyramidic, exponential spread of this vicious virus has proved her reading to be heartbreakingly true.

I’m safe, healthy, holed up with all my wealth: electronic gizmos out the wazoo; a library of books that would take years of quarantine to actually read; a spouse who brings me joy every day. I’m happy at home, but preparing for a wave of grief. I’m trying to only touch my own stuff, and keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide out of the sunlight, by the front door to spray things before they come in to the Healthy Zone.

I’ve taken my Zumba classes into the ether, teaching “ZOOM-ba” from a corner of my home office, where so many other creative things have happened in the past. It’s weird dancing with a bunch of tiny people, but it’s fun. And a little bit of fun a few times a week is nourishing. (Join us if you like!)

Here’s a little scene from today’s class—a sensual routine that turns hygiene into a meditative ritual. Someday, while they’re playing Ring-Around-The-Rosie, kids may sing, “washing, washing, the germs go down!”

The meditation in the video is about heart coherence. This is a new bit of understanding that life has revealed to me over the past months—first in that way where you hear something three times, then in that way new knowledge unfolds, drawing you deeper and deeper until you see your place in a new worldview. We were already living in troubled times. Now many are literally dying for change. This didn’t need to happen. But a deeper understanding of peace will bring things back into balance.

Our hearts don’t just go thump thump thump. There are all kinds of electrical dances they do. And when we feel different emotions, our physiology changes.

spiky graph - heart waves

frustration/low coherence*

smooth sine wave - heart rate

appreciation/high coherence

If you’re ready to learn more about HeartMath, check out:

  • This amazing TED Talk that shows how our individual heart coherence scientifically changes global coherence
  • The Quick Coherence method by HeartMath.com (similar to what’s in my video)
  • The Heart Math Institute, which is training the next generation how not to stay spiky
  • Welltory, is an app that measures heart coherence (and much more) through your phone’s camera—AND can test you for COVID at home.
  • The Heartmath App, Global Coherence, creates a web of planetary ease and peace.

This tarot intuitive, by the way, also saw silver as the color to visualize, like spiderwebs crossing the planet and connecting hearts.

There is a sacrificial aspect to all the dead, being piled on these symbolic pyres, the literal burning away of an incoherent world. Perhaps they all were pre-destined to be  teachers for the rest of us. I don’t know if you believe in destiny, but the thought of them all as dying so that we might live eases my pain.

Putting our hearts together is a real, physical action that we can do while stuck at home that really makes a difference. We are tired of hearing about “thoughts and prayers,” but imagine a world where such things do create greater ease for those who are traumatized. Take a conscious breath, feel pain, then feel love. And go where that energy leads.


*does this remind you of anyone’s signature?

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