A Creative Force

Kristen Caven’s imagination is driven by possibility and playfulness. “What if” and “why not” are two of her two favorite words. Kristen once told her father, “I want to grow up to be a thaumaturgist.” She believes in the power of ordinary humans to create miracles.

A producer of art events and other creative happenings, Kristen is a natural teacher, instigator, angel, and ham who also designs and publishes books, starts movements, builds fires, nurtures friendships. Her mission within her mission is:

“To inspire, enlighten, illuminate, and amuse.”

Kristen has been honored as a creative force in The Monthly and The Montclarion, was nominated for an Oakland Indie Award, and won the Jack London Award for her creative work shaping organizations. Her first published book was a cartoon history of a revolution, and she has defined and given names to many nascent movements and ideas that have flourished and sustained over time.

She hosts The Flourishing Artist programs and Creative Convivia, offering classes, seminars, retreats and community for creative minds.

Associations & Instigations: The Mills Strike Documentary, The Flourishing Artist, Heart of the Muse Salons, The DecoBelles, LitCake Contest, Kristen Caven’s Creative Convivia.

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