A Foolish, Fun, Flourishing April

Spring has definitely arrived…

And the seeds that have been growing all winter are ready to burst bloom! In two weeks I’ll graduate from my certificate program, and to celebrate I’m diving back into my artistic life with a splash or two. I hope you can join me for some of these spring happenings, many of which are planned at The Bellevue Club, my new creative home base—and some of which are designed to help YOU release your own creative happiness!

April 1—First, I will be playing an awesome joke on my son, who is home for spring break. (No, I’m not telling you what it is! But here is a picture of one of the best April Fools breakfasts ever…)

IMG_1691April 13Spring Writing Retreat at Rancho Deluxe! The wisteria are blooming and the house is now powered by solar! Bring your laptop and let’s work in sunny solitude…together.

April 19—I’m speaking to teachers at Burbank PreSchool about rolling out reading groups for The Bullying Antidote.  Do you know anyone who might like to start one?

April 22—I’ll be reading “Ted’s Tender Trophy,” published in last summer’s Full of Crow magazine, at Full of Crow: Spring Murder with a line-up of great local writers. (Get it? A murder of crows?) Some believe trophy hunting is murder, too…

April 25 or 26—Would you like to join me for a few hours of quiet writing time again?Let me know asap if you can join me for a “Museday Writing Retreat” at the lovely Bellevue Club.

April 30—I will be doing a PILOT program for my new “Creative Growth Activator”! Yes, I am hitching my experience being a productive creative person with my new knowledge of positive psychology. I am simply bursting with information and inspiration to share! If the picture above appeals to you, then you may resonate with my new seminar series, The Flourishing Artist. I promise you will get more than your money’s worth from this introductory class!

A reminder, every Wednesday I continue to teach Zumba at 8:30a.m. We always have a great time, and realize afterwards that we’ve also had a great workout! Come try…first time is free!

One more thing! Save the date for the First Friday in May… I want to celebrate all my mommy friends (and moms in general, including mine) at a party/open mic I’m hosting: Momedy Hour!  More info here.



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