A Variety of Voices

Whereas other writers and artists choose to hone a single medium, genre, style, or sentiment, Kristen’s outpouring is defined by variety as well as quality. She has a “Generous Muse” and considers herself a “Liberal Artist” in every sense: Liberal as in free-thinking, liberal as in bountiful, and liberal as in having to do with books. A degree in myth & philosophy with further study in art and psychology give her endless insight into the human story.

A juggler. A cowgirl. An ironic beauty queen. A supermom. A hip-hop imposter.

Kristen best focuses her energy through personae, whether invented or lived. In fact, she is sometimes mistaken for her literary narrators, all of whom have something to say. Ashley St. Helens, Cosima Zanardi, Dr. Jayne Hart,  and Nettie Pendragon are all strong, intellectual feminine voices. Even her comedic personae—Garbage Miranda, Una Pulmonis, Dr. and Mrs. Id, and Renaissance Woman—are characters with a purpose. Other roles she plays are Director, Manager, Advisor, President, and Ringmaster.

Kristen also hears voices that are not in her head! A great observer and listener, she is sought after as a facilitator, director, and collaborator who can hear, understand, and synthesize the voices of a team, group or an artistic idea. She is a strong dramaturge and editor, able to define a vision to provide sustainable momentum. In groups and collaborations, she can help to articulate unspoken ideas, desires, needs and purposes with a sometimes uncanny accuracy.

image: after her Lake Merritt play, Be Mused

Associations & Instigations: The Sex Cymbals, Senior Ladies’ Lawn Society, Teen Tragedy, Cowgirl Creative, Invocation, Momedy Hour, Generous Muse, The DecoBelles, KRS-10 Dance Events

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