From "Perfectly Revolting."

Kristen Caven is an awarded American essayist, cartoonist and author, producer and activist, recognized for her {vivid literary imagery and breathless poetic interpretations}. Kristen has been published in several national and international magazines, blogs and anthologies. She is co-founder of the Heart of the Muse creative’s salon, Executive Producer of The Zorgos Project; Producer of the {Oakland Haiku and Poetry Festival}; President of the California Writers Club.

After a few minutes speaking with Kristen Caven, (also known as Kristen Baumgardner Caven and KRS-10), many people say “Oh, you’re a renaissance woman.”

(That’s what she discovered when she wrote her first book, Perfectly Revolting.)

Kristen also calls herself a multi-disciplinary creative artist, educator, and social leader who  writes blogsbooks, and articles about parenting, psychology, health, humor, philosophy and creativity, plus stories and songs about interesting characters and challenging situations.

Her latest book is The Bullying Antidote: Superpower Your Kids For Life. Her novellas—two versions of The Souls of Her Feetare based on her musical of the same name.

“Most likely to ‘insight’ a riot”
Her offerings, from graphic novels to greeting cards to speeches and workshops, are thought provoking and entertaining.

“Honestly humorous…humorously honest.”