After a few minutes speaking with Kristen Caven, (also known as Kristen Baumgardner Caven and KRS-10), many people say “Oh, you’re a Renaissance woman.”

jugglingWhich often brings up the last cartoon she drew. Renaissance Woman is a tongue-in-cheek superhero who appears in Caven’s first book, Perfectly Revolting. In this memoir, she discovered her nature as a “Liberal Artist” in every sense: Liberal as in free-thinking, as in bountiful, and as in having to do with books.


Kristen Caven’s images of a juggling cartoonist, a quick-draw cowgirl, and a caped hero all reflect what she likes to bring to the world. She works in every available medium to get the stories she sees inside OUT where she can share them—little moments and big ideas alike. Working as a as a graphic, information, organization, and designer, she edits and produces videos, books, and cds through Cowgirl Creative.

She produces and hosts events as Generous Muse, which is also the name of her occasional newsletter.

Having helped a multitude of writers, artists, and organizations find and express their voices and messages, Kristen completed a certificate in applied positive psychology and founded The Flourishing Artist, a support community for creative types centered around seminars, classes, coaching and community.  

Artist & Writer

Kristen Caven’s creative career began in high school where she illustrated books, designed t-shirts, and produced films and plays. She was a cartoonist in college, began dancing in her twenties, wrote screenplays and musicals in her thirties, and novels in her forties. Approaching the world creatively, she blogs profusely and writes articles about parenting, psychology, health, humor, philosophy and creativity. Her lyrics, poetry, short stories and songs often feature layered female characters in universal situations. Kristen’s offerings, from graphic novels to greeting cards to books on various topics, all aim to illuminate, enlighten, inspire, and amuse. Read more about her literary awards and publications here.

“Overflowing.” • “Most likely to ‘insight’ a riot”

Speaker & Teacher

Conversation builds community. The best part of speaking, for Kristen, who speaks on a diversity of topics, is when she opens up the floor to the audience and gets to hear how members respond to whatever subject she is teaching. (The best part of teaching dance is getting a hundred people to shake their butts.)

“Kristen is a great presenter. You can tell she really enjoys herself.”


Kristen is the founder of both Uplift Press and Little Pig Productions. Uplift Press has “rescued” several crucial books from obscurity and brought forth others into higher platforms. Little Pig Productions, began as a joke with her creative husband based on his famous cartoon pig, evolved into a personal blog about their family life, and is now an outlet for art stuff.

“Honestly humorous…humorously honest.”


CWC-Logo-smallKristen is serving or has served on the boards of Peter Pan Cooperative Nursery School, Friends of Sequoia School, Bret Harte PTSA, Oakland Tech PTSA, The Heart of the MuseChild-Friendly Initiative, and Oakland Parents Together. She is currently president of the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club.

But how do you pronounce her name?