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3,000 Free Books for Oakland Parents
In 2014, Oakland Parents Together (OPT) was the recipient of a generous donation of over 3,000 copies of The Bullying Antidote (Hazelden/Betty Ford Foundation) by Oakland authors Dr. Louise Hart and Kristen Caven.

Bully Prevention through Positive Parenting
Unlike other popular books on bullying, The Bullying Antidote identifies bullying as a cultural power dynamic that has deep roots, perpetrated by common, wide-spread parenting methods. The book is a guide for positive parenting principles, known to many loving families and now proven by neurological, psychological, and sociological research to be the best practices for success and happiness. Positive parenting can be learned!

Start a Discussion Group Now or in Fall
The authors created a self-paced discussion guide to promote authentic parent-to-parent conversations about bullying, love, violence, nurturing, trauma, and creating positivity in family relationships.

The authors also provided presentations for parents, and the books were included in OPT conversations through their signature program, the Parent Café.

We distributed hundreds of cases of books to schools, religious and educational organizations, and community groups, culminating in a unique awards ceremony on October 15, proclaimed by the Mayor as “Zorgos Day” in Oakland.

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