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Bullied for Being a Goody Two-Shoes (Kristen Caven) – Your Teen Mag 10/2/13

Parenting’s Troubled History (excerpt) – ACES Too High October 2016

Zorgos, A Superpower We Can Teach Kids (excerpt) – Aces Too High September 2017

Articles about Kristen

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Monthly spread10/1/13Cartoonist at Play by Mike Rosen-Molina in The Monthly.

10/15/11 – Mother, Daughter, take on Bullying by Janet Levaux in The Montclarion, Piedmonter,  Contra Costa Times, etc.

6/30/11 – The Comeback Cartoonist by Paul Kilduff of The Monthly

6/4/10 – ‘Revolting’ Cartoonist to Sign Books in Montclair by Taylor Maurand, featured in the Montclarion, San Jose Mercury News, and the Marin Independent Journal. (About the Caven maven problem.)Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 7.48.20 PM

5/10 – Feature article in the Strike Edition of the Campanil

3/10 – Featured in the Drop Everything And Read day article in the MacArthur Metro.

11/06 – MiamiHerald article about Deconstructing the Deco Diet lecture


Cosmic Citizen Radio – Interview about The Bullying Antidote, July, 2015

Blab On Creative Adaptation  with Beth Barany