Things on my Bucket List:

  • Be a cartoonist
  • Illustrate a Book
  • Write a Book
  • Jump out of an airplane and live to tell about it
  • Be a chorus girl
  • Raise goats
  • Swim in the pool at Hearst Castle
  • Ride a horse on a fox (or coyote) hunt
  • Dance in public with fruit on my head
  • Spread the gospel of Paideia
  • Put up a show (or near Broadway)
  • Bike through Europe
  • Teach Zumba to kids, moms, old ladies, hipsters and hopsters
  • Buy Italian shoes in Italy
  • See Shoes, a Mirror, and a Big Pink Rose complete & on stage
    • Work with Steven Page on Big Pink Rose music
  • Visit Europe again on more than $11 per day
  • Be a writer in residence
  • Write a book every year
    • Complete Dance Like a DecoBelle
    • Write the whole series: Dine, Drink, Drive, etc…
    • Get Life In the Fast Brain to the page
    • Finish writing Mirror, Imag(in)e
    • Start & finish The Number The Beast
    • Start & finish Jesus & Me (Starring Jeff Bridges)
  • Own an electric car, charged by solar panels
  • Write an animated short
  • See the Aurora Borealis
  • Do a TED talk
  • Be invited to do a graduation speech
  • Get an honorary doctorate award
  • Win PEEGOT (Pulitzer, Eisner, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar & Tony)
  • Ride a camel to the pyramids
  • Go back to school when I’m 80
  • Be a kung fu master when I’m 90
  • Watch “The Bucket List”

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