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Parents: Superpower Your Kids!

Bullying does not have to be “a normal part of childhood,” nor do kids “grow out of it naturally.” Parents have the power to change the world by teaching kids how to create positive power dynamics. “The Bullying Antidote focuses on solutions. Parents will evolve.” — Dr. Laura Markham The Bullying Antidote is a well-researched resource for practical […]

Play With Me on the Park Piano

If you’ve never sung along with my hit (ha ha) song, “Joaquin Miller (Went Walkin’),” you can now saunter up to the piano at the place where it belongs, and hum a few bars yourself. Here’s an article by Linda Brown from Write Angles, the California Writers Club newsletter. (I included some other newsy bits because this […]

Cosmic Citizens Don't Like Bullying!

In a wonderful two-hour interview I did in Boulder, Colorado, with Paula Thompson, Andre Radatus, and Christilyn Biek-Larson, the hosts of Cosmic Citizen Radio, I only said “um” about 800 times and “you know” about 9000 times! We talked about bullying from a spiritual perspective, and everyone left feeling full of Zorgos, inspired by Gandalf, and empowered to go out and change the […]