The Souls of Her Feet

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The Souls of Her Feet

by Kristen Caven (Little Pig Productions, 2013)

What if Cinderella didn’t have dainty little feet?

What if Cinderella’s fairy godmother was kind of a drag?

What if Cinderella actually found her voice?

Meet Ashley St. Helens, whose “fairytale life” is a rollercoaster of teenage emotion, but love helps her escape her dysfunctional 21st century family.

This novella is available in three enticing versions including an enhanced ebook with embedded music and videos.

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based on the musical by Kristen Caven and friends

WATCH: Pedicure scene from the Launch of the e-book

WATCH:  An interview with the author by a clown

WATCH: A reading to the California Writers Club

WATCH: A reading of Harry’s shoe rant/rave

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8 thoughts on “The Souls of Her Feet

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  5. Kristen Caven is incredible! The Souls of Her Feet was a joy to read. I felt young again, and excited about love after reading. It inspired me to create a clown show based on the book so enough said there. Watch out world for this talented woman!

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