The Vesuvian Affair



Inspired by true events. Best book launch ever. 

In The Vesuvian Affair (Mystic Editions), Carla White finds herself alone in Italy, drawn to a legendary mountain and invited to an unexpected party in Venice. Surrounded by dazzling beings, she comes to realize she is wrestling with supernatural powers. Will she resist the temptation as she knows she should? Or will she answer the call of pleasure and perhaps a new celestial understanding? The lives of thousands depend on her decision.

“I loved it!!! I had thought it through and come up with a few denouement possibilities. Then … seriously… oh my! I think I burst into flame 🔥 just reading that whole scene.”  —Sharon Fillion, reader

Limited-edition prints available only at Gondola Servizio and author events.

Oh all right. And HERE at this link: ($10 book; $15 book with shipping).

The Vesuvian Affair is some amazing inferno of a story…. Congratulations.” —Dirk Wales, best-selling author of A Lucky Dog

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“Thank you for sharing the adventures of that famous and exquisite masqued personage, Signora Cosima Zanardi, a welcome spritz of elán vital … even in these decadent times there lives someone who understands La Decadence, who is not afraid to hold high the banner of dissolution with insouciant panache. I would kneel to kiss your toes if my knees weren’t acting up.” —MM, psychometrician


“The Vesuvian Affair, the wonderful short novel by Kristen Caven is traveling in Château de Vaux le Vicomte, France ! Thank you for this way back to carnival, costumes and memories!” —Junie Bluet, one of Cosima Zanardi’s  international “artistocrats.”



Zanardi reads at the book launch