A Variety of Voices

Whereas other writers and artists choose to hone a single medium, genre, style, or sentiment, Kristen’s outpouring is defined by variety as well as quality. She has a “Generous Muse” and considers herself a “Liberal Artist” in every sense: Liberal as in free-thinking, liberal as in bountiful, and liberal as in having to do with books. A degree in […]

A Creative Force

Kristen Caven’s imagination is driven by possibility and playfulness. “What if” and “why not” are two of her two favorite words. Kristen once told her father, “I want to grow up to be a thaumaturgist.” She believes in the power of ordinary humans to create miracles. A producer of art events and other creative happenings, Kristen […]

For Positive Change

Change is inevitable. When it is growthful, it is good. Kristen brings activation energy and a philosophy of possibility to every challenge, assignment, production and project. Trained in positive psychology, she teaches the science of happiness, and as a change agent she puts it into practice. Kristen spent decades helping parents and kids create better experiences together, […]