September Cobbler

Volume Ten • September, 2013 “You can stop looking now. If you are looking for the definitive book on bullying, you have found it…” Our long-awaited bullying book hit the bookshelves this summer! We spoke to Kristen’s writers club on Father’s Day, affirming the importance of warm-hearted fathering and sharing some stories about our path to publication. In July, we launched the […]

Laurel Bookstore – Tuesday, July 9th

Our first bookstore appearance is next Tuesday at Laurel Books! We can’t wait to show everyone around the book and start talking about our “unified field theory” of bullying. ———— In this timely book on how positive parenting can immunize children from the bullying dynamic, leading self-esteem educator Louise Hart Ed.D. and her daughter, author Kristen Caven, […]

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