Cinderella as Stoic Philosopher

read anywhereI’m re-reading The Souls of Her Feet because it’s coming out soon with a new publisher—and I came across this passage:

I cried that night, realizing I would probably never get what I really wanted, ever again. I strengthened myself, thinking of all the people in the world who would never get what they wanted. I wondered how they coped—people who were poor, people who were at war, people who were in natural disasters or other sucky situations—and then I realized I actually did have some control. If I didn’t want anything, then whatever I got would be a nice surprise.

The Stoic philosophers made a huge impression on me when I read them in college, specifically Epictetus, who lived his life as a slave. Slavery (and philosophy) taught him how powerful he was—yes, really! Because he discovered that the only things he could control are the things that we think we can’t control: his opinions, his impulses, his desires, and his aversions.  
People say, “that’s just who I am.” But bumper stickers say, “Don’t believe everything you think.” Hmmm.
I thought someone who was living a Cinderella-like life would have plenty of time on her hands to think her own thoughts while doing grunge work for her stepfamily. Especially an educated girl who would rather be reading. Naturally, Stoic philosophy found its way into Ashley’s thoughts. But with that beautiful dress taunting her, it was awfully hard not to want to wear it….

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  1. I knew there was something awesome about you. I love philosophy and the Stoics are so cool. The more I learn about them, the more I realize how much our culture has lost touch with the wisdom of the natural world. Thanks for helping to bring the ancient but timeless wisdom back to life!

  2. I really love philosophy. It slows things down and you can take them apart. It also makes one feel less alone, since we’ve been dealing with the same thoughts, feelings, and mysteries for eons. I think you’d like this character, too… she loves to organize! Stay tuned for the book launch… 🙂

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