Perfectly Revolting

My Glamorous Cartooning Career


by Kristen Baumgardner Caven ISBN: 978-1-4414-1543-1

(Little Pig Productions, 2010)
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“Perfectly delightful.” —my mom

A cartoon-filled memoir about creativity and academia, women’s brains, boys and lack thereof, and the joys and heartaches of cartooning. Features Inside the Mills Revolution, the cartoon history of the 1990 student strike at Mills College, which was the only successful reversal of a womens college decision to go co-ed.

“Funny, historical, smart.” — book reviewer


“You will love Kristen Caven’s book, Perfectly Revolting, if you: a) ever attended an all-woman college. b) are or ever have been a feminist. c) are or ever have been a “women’s libber.” d) are or ever have been a cartoonist. e) are or ever have been a woman. f) are or ever have been a man. g) were born with a funnybone. h) All of the above.”

Trina Robbins, cultural icon, author of The Brinkley Girls, From Girls to Grrlz, The Great Women Cartoonists

This unique memoir weaves the story of a personal revolution—set against the backdrop of the 1990 Mills Student Strike—through the collected cartoons of one free-thinking (and very funny) woman. Chapter titles: Women’s Hystery • Men of Mills (and other wildlife) • (str)Estrogen • Brain on Holiday • Graphic Novelties • The World Outside • Doodling for Dollars • The Mills Revolution (20th Anniversary Edition)

“ and funny, honest and revealing…. I greatly enjoyed it.”— Tanya Egan, author

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“What you’ve done with Perfectly Revolting is a great gift to the college. What a wonderful way to document a really important historical time for Mills.” —Mandy Benson, Director of Student Activities, Mills College


“The first journalistic narrative created about the historic strike.” —Alexa Pagonas, producer of the Mills Strike Documentary

In 1990, the Berlin Wall fell and the Romanians overthrew their government. Kristen Caven witnessed another revolt as students at Mills, one of the last remaining womens colleges, shut down the campus to keep men away. revocover.300x300She drew what she saw and created a cartoon history that won the Bay Guardian Cartoon Contest and is featured in the Women’s History Museum in Dallas, Texas.

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What Readers Have Said:

I nearly blew tea through my nose this morning thanks to your book – and that was just reading the intro. DANG, you’re funny!” —Autumn Adamme, corset-maker to the stars

“You have an amazing, creative, playful mind; such talents don’t appear frequently. We should be grateful for your presence among us.” —Gurnam S.S. Brard, author of East of Indus

An insightful, open, enthusiastic, and often downright funny portrait of the artist as a young woman. It’s fascinating and entertaining to follow Caven as she grapples with ideas of feminism and femininity, of independence and identity, and of realizing the power in her pen. …A charming and honest memoir of growing up with a creative mind.” —Mills Quarterly

Kristen Caven’s sense of humor and compassion for humanity permeate this wonderful memoir in cartoons. Openness and honesty are the key elements to any successful memoir, what sends this one to a higher level is how her humility is expressed in humor. The result is the most endearing memoir I’ve read in a long long time.” —Ransom Stephens, author of The God Patent

“I bought one for my 90-year-old mother-in-law, and it has been passed around to all her friends all year. It’s dog-eared and falling apart – I have to tape it! But it’s great, everyone’s giggling.” —Patty Sala, craft-maker

“Funny, historical, smart and perfect timing for my daughter who is a junior in college now.” — Karen C., educator

“I just saw Kristen Caven at Laurel Books, I finally bought her book, “Perfectly Revolting”, I love it!!!! She’s a great cartoonist and has the best sense of humor. I’m really excited to share she’ll have a booth at the Dimond Winterfest and will be selling her book, notecards, t-shirts, totebags and mugs.” —Ruth Villaseñor, owner of Paws & Claws, community organizer
“I don’t wake up happy, so this is like a cup of coffee for someone who doesn’t drink coffee.” —Lloyd Lofthouse, Vietnam Vet & author of My Splendid Concubine

“This is a book worth reading. I particularly liked the combination of cartoons and history. A wonderful story of a moment in time when the students of Mills College make up their minds to take a stand about education. The subject is serious but Caven’s great sense of humor had me spending quite a bit of time on the floor laughing. This book left me feeling great and admiring the folks at Mills College. It is very uplifting. I sent a copy to my middle daughter and have recommended this book on many occasions. If you have a good sense of humor you’ll love it.” —Raleigh Mclemore (Oakland, CA)

On my mind, I feel some kind of energy about this mother of a teenanger, Kristen Caven is a revolting author of dreams… My mind says, “Kristen is a very delicate mother and an author of the book of wonders…” —Phil, 7th grade ELA student

That Kristen, she’s one funny b**.” —David Bryce, rock star

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