Ten Days, Ten Pounds

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I’m serializing my forthcoming memoir, Ten Days, Ten Pounds on Wattpad!  Please click the stars!

“You know how, in ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ ‘Under the Tuscan Sun,’ ‘An Italian Affair’ and all those other memoirs? Women go to Italy to put their lives back together.” I said this to Jenny over our first gourmet Mac and Cheese planning meeting.

“Well, let’s go and have a delicious time because there is nothing wrong. Because we are happy with our lives, well-loved, and healthy,” she replied, putting food into her mouth. “Let’s make it our plan,” said Jenny, “to stuff our eyes with art, and our bodies with good food. Let’s gain ten pounds.”

“It’s a deal,” I said. “Ten days, ten pounds”


Jenny didn’t make it to the airport. She had to stay home and have BRAIN SURGERY.   This is the true story of a trip I took alone during Mercury retrograde (#$%^! Mercury). Ten days away from my routine took me from a hospital bed to the suburbs to a mountaintop, the trickster of coincidence revealing new sides of myself I could only meet alone.  Join me on this journey of horses and hiking, pasta and paintings, shoes and shopping, fantasy and friendship.