Ten Days, Ten Pounds

I’ve serialized my forthcoming memoir, Ten Days, Ten Pounds TWICE! First on blogger, then on Wattpad. It grew into something greater than I expected!

First round of beta readers report: “I devoured it!” “Beyond inspired!” “Friendship stuff… so incredibly lovely…” 

“You know how, in Eat, Pray, Love, Under the Tuscan Sun, An Italian Affair, and all those other memoirs,” I said to Jenny. “Women always seem to go to Italy when their lives fall apart.” She nodded, waiting for my premise. “Screw that. Let’s go and have a delicious time because there is NOTHING wrong with our lives! We are happy, healthy, and loved. Our kids are in school, no one’s doing drugs, we’re doing what we want to do.” I was writing. She was painting.

Jenny raised her glass and swallowed while nodding her head. “Let’s make it our plan, Kris,” she said, “to stuff our eyes with art, and our bodies with good food.”

“That’s it,” I said.

“And nap,” she said. “Let’s just plan to gain ten pounds.”

“There’s our title,” I laughed. “Ten Days, Ten Pounds!” 

Ten Days, Ten Pounds will eventually find itself on shelves alongside travel memoirs like Eat, Pray Love, Wild, Lunch in Paris, Four Seasons in Rome, The Sweet Life in Paris, and so on. My goal is to craft it into a novelesque story that emphasizes my self-discovery through new experiences. When I went to Italy alone (practically kicking and screaming,) I emerged with a profoundly changed sense of who I am and what my purpose is. 



Ten Days, Ten Pounds was rated #1 among over 300 stories about Carnevale on Wattpad!