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More than a book on parenting, The Winning Family focuses on the personal development of parents along with the development of their children. Written by a mother/daughter team, it provides four generations of wisdom and an inspiring personal story. A mental and emotional health bible for parents and grown children, this book presents a hopeful model for breaking out of damaging patterns and shaping families characterized by joy and satisfaction, not manipulation and guilt.

35th Anniversary Edition Available now!

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In addition to the wealth of positive, forthright information that made this book a best-seller a generation ago, this new edition contains needed information for parents around digital media, food & mood, family boundaries, fractured families, and a new approach to  preventing ACEs that mitigates trauma. This book shows how to activate the power of love in a non-threatening, non-prescriptive way, illuminating the nitty gritty of communication and parent leadership.

The Winning Family:

As you abandon unhealthy, ineffective coping mechanisms, you will build

  • Deep inner confidence and a positive, realistic sense of self
  • The ability to create healthy boundaries and structure
  • Effective ways to instill self-discipline and internal motivation
  • Skills for honest, kind communication to resolve and prevent conflict
  • Positive attitudes that turn obstacles into opportunities for growth
  • Emotional intelligence to better understand and process feelings, and
  • The resilience to handle change and solve problems.
346 pages (English)
paperback ISBN: 9781647045470 / $16.95
ebook ISBN: 9781647045463 / $4.95
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Editions: Dodd, Meade > LifeSkills Press > Celestial Arts > Uplift Press

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