“Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.” —A. J. Liebling

Paper. A xerox. A stapler. An attitude.

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Paper Dolls


Mad About Mills – collected reprints on request

Inkling Editions

My “Inklings” collection includes book excerpts, short story reprints, poetry collections, and some very fun original pieces.

  • Art Deco Lit I compiled this volume of Modernist Poetry of the Art Deco Era (1925-1941) for Poet’s Parlor at the Gatsby Summer Afternoon. When a visitor to this elegant outdoor reading room sits in the “throne,” a velvet-covered armchair, they are required to read either a passage from The Great Gatsby or a poem from the Harlem Renaissance, Parisian Expats, Feminist pioneers, or Californian Bohemians.
  • Bernice Bobs Her Head A short story of speculative historic fiction/Afrofuturism  originally published in the California Literary Review. Bernice, a white teenager in Alameda, California is surprised when her family’s black maid turns out to be her cousin. 
  • Deconstructing the Deco Diet My first published essay, written for The Sophisticate, explores the fun of collecting vintage cookbooks and recipes as an American literary and historical lens—plus plenty of inspiration for the kitchen! It kicked off my glamorous writing career!
  • Four Short Stories by the Presumed Late Storyteller Sublime ARDMORE O’CONNELL and One Brilliant Discovery That Reveals the Tittilating Truth of this Beloved Literary Icon is pretty much what the title describes. Stories about a jockey’s secret identity, a—, and a —. with a handwritten letter inserted in the back.
  • Ellie Bay of the East Bay: a possible apocryphal exquisite corpse roast of the poet Joaquin Miller by his drunken contemporaries Written in the purple phrases of Joaquin Miller, this is a poem about either a burlesque dancer or Queen Kalifia herself.
  • “The Girdle Essay” by Ashley St. Helens This excerpt from the endnotes of The Souls of Her Feet is designed to look like a teenager’s neatly handwritten essay on notebook paper. It’s about the mythology of undergarments. (She got an A+.)
  • Invocation Freshly imagined lyrics to a classical piano piece by Franz Liszt voice humans abandoned by God as the climate changes. Performed for Oakland Technical High School’s 100th Anniversary Celebration: “88 Keys.”