Joaquin Miller (went walkin’)

Joaquin MillerWhen Joaquin Miller first purchased “The Hights,” which after his death became Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, the hills had been clearcut. He planted every tree in the park, most native, some exotic, and today, school children visit there to learn about the native species of the East Bay environment and watersheds. The park is home to Friends of Sausal Creek, a native plant society that works to restore the original ecosystem.

Joaquin Miller (went walkin’) imagines the poet wandering through a pristine habitat of red-tailed hawks and white-tailed deer, enjoying the native grasses, trees, and flowers. The song contains a bit of Oakland history (the redwood trees were used to build San Francisco), symbolism (California’s golden poppy) and science (the watershed that leads to the Bay), all in the romantic spirit of poetic observance. The call-and-response structure of the song makes it engaging and fun for children to sing along with and perform.

Listen to some kids sing it
(You’ll be humming it all day!)

Sheet music & teaching packet available

Joaquin Miller (went walkin’) was the opening act at the first annual Dimond Celebration on June 23, 2006!

“This is wonderful!!!! Thank you so much for doing this. We will definitely use it and pass it on.” —Amiko Mayeno, Audobon Society 

Performed at Woodminister Amphitheater for the Alameda County Historical Society on July 14, 2007
“I can’t get that damn tune out of my head.” —Jane, member of Alameda County Historical Society
Performed at Joaquin Miller Park for the first annual Friends of Joaquin Miller Park meeting on April 16, 2010
Performed occasionally at the California Writers Club Annual Picnic in July.
Kristen is a member of ASCAP  and the California Writers Club

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