fruit basket hat

“I never truly knew happiness until I danced with fruit on my head.” (PHOTO: Laurie Gordon)

Kristen learned to dance by standing on her father’s feet.

“The eternal question: am I a dancer who writes? Or a writer who dances?”

As a founding member of the DecoBelles, she performed at the Paramount, the Fillmore, and Hearst Castle.

“If you’ve danced to “Bend Down, Sister” or “Cheer Up, Smile, Nertz” you are one in a bazillion” — from Dance Like a Decobelle

Kristen Caven became a dance evangelist in 2011 to get out from behind her computer.

“Writers become alcoholics, smokers, hunchbacks, addicts. Dancers have good posture and take impeccable care of their bodies. I still want to be writing when I’m ninety. So I’ll dance.”

Dance Classes

zin-logoAs KRS-10, Kristen leads weekly dance parties and teaches dance workshops.

“I never thought of myself as a dancer! But in your classes I feel so free.” —Louise, 79

“Who knew you could Zumba to Glenn Miller?” — Janet, 58

“This is the best break in my week. It helps everything else go smoothly.” — Lela, 42

“I just feel so happy all day long after class!” —Atefe, 24

“You’re a great teacher. We all look forward to ‘getting down’ on Fridays.” —Josh, 17

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Contact Kristen about her Dance Workshops:

“Devil’s Music” | “Salute to America” | “Black Music Matters”

Dance Events

Kristen produces workshops, performances, and dance events ~ like Zumbathons! And Water Ballets!


Dance Writing

Read Dance Like a Decobelle, Kristen’s prescriptive guide to the good life on the dance floor as a chorus girl, bathing beauty, femme fatale.

A Prescriptive Book for Ladies (serialization)

“Each dancer is an individual note in relation to all of the others.”
“Walking, a DecoBelle might stroll, stomp, march, stride, strut, sashay, glide, promenade, skip, or even hop across the dance floor, but would never saunter, amble, trudge, plod, dawdle, tramp, slog, patrol, wander, ramble, tread, prowl, roam, or traipse.” — from Dance Like a Decobelle