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The Souls of Her Feet
“A joy to read. I felt young again.”

In my novel, The Souls of Her Feet, the downtrodden protagonist’s life changes, as in every Cinderella story, when a Fairy Godmother appears in her life. But in this version, the “godmother” is also her real-life, legitimate godfather — the former best friend of her deceased parents. I chose to make this traditionally female character a man for many reasons, the first and funniest being the gimmick of his shoe size. Uncle Harry wears a men’s 11 ½, which corresponds to a woman’s size 13. Why does this matter? Because, unlike most Cinderellas with “feet so tiny no one can fill her shoes,” Ashley St. Helens can only wear flip-flops. “My big growth spurt between fifteen and sixteen,” she explains to Harry, “took place entirely below the ankles.”
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