Everyone Loves a Bully!

Americans are mystified at how “this” could possibly be happening in America. At how one blustering, irresponsible name-caller could be so loved and revered by his supporters, much less embraced by a major political party that is now feeling sick to its stomach. But we shouldn’t be so surprised.

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I recently posted this on the Zorgos Reader: “The reason Trump is so beloved by his supporters is that Americans are drawn to the bullying dynamic. A bully’s true power comes from his or her followers, who support and encourage their bravado and dominance. Allying with a bully makes an insecure person feel stronger.” And we are grateful to Mr. Trump for giving America the chance to really understand what bullying is about: loneliness, emotional isolation, and an inability to connect authentically

Until we understand the psychology of bullying, it holds power over us. The Bullying Antidote provides tools to shake this power up using Positive Psychology.  The Zorgos Project is all about finding ways to talk to each other and learn. Here are some of the latest highlights:

The Zorgos PSA (Listen!)

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This is the first contribution to Inventing Zorgos, a worldwide contest we’ve launched for art and expression on this new word. Please submit, and please share!

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Every week, a few boxes of The Bullying Antidote move into the hands of readers. This week we’re hosting a pickup from headquarters! Starting at 10:15 on 10/15Request a case here!

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