Shelter in Place, day Lebenty-Seven: I cleaned out all the cool clothes from my closet that don’t fit me right now. Anyone else out there who’s put a few pounds on?

I’m calling mine the Covid 19. 

I’ve decided to put some of my certifications* to use and teach a nutrition class to complement my other day job of teaching dance fitness. Join me for Fiberlicious! Six students meet weekly for six weeks to work on health goals that can be solved with vegetables.

(We all need more vegetables, don’t we?)


Regular price is $120 for the 6-week course, but first run is half price. Sign up here!


Class will start as soon as registration is filled!

We’ll find a date that works for the group.

Sign up to get notified when I do other classes at the all-new:


* I am a certified coach of Plate by Zumba, an interactive, healthy eating program, designed to inform, encourage and motivate you to make good choices and increase your vitality. I am also certified in Applied Positive Psychology, working with mental/emotional skills.



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