For Positive Change

Change is inevitable. When it is growthful, it is good. Kristen brings activation energy and a philosophy of possibility to every challenge, assignment, production and project. Trained in positive psychology, she teaches the science of happiness, and as a change agent she puts it into practice.

Kristen spent decades helping parents and kids create better experiences together, and crafting systems and ideas for better flow. Kristen applies her talents towards creating desirable futures through harmony of vision, positive emotion, good system design and well-paced action.

“Kristen can find a solution to any problem. She always leaves things in better shape than she found them.”

Kristen’s clients value her professionalism as much as her fans appreciate her humor and intelligence. A sought-after leader and creative consultant, Kristen divides her time between service and self-amusement. With old-school, immigrant grit and a can-do attitude, she gracefully and expertly wields her imagination to invite and teach more curious, creative, compassionate ways of being.

image: Zorgos Day celebration.

Associations & Instigations: Child-Friendly Initiative, Peter Pan Nursery School, Friends of Sequoia School, Sequoia Dads’ Club, Bret Harte PTSA & Parent Center, Oakland Tech PTSA, Oakland Parents Together, The Bellevue Club, #OTGreen, Write350, Idle Free Oakland, 350 Bay Area, UNA-HRA

Executive Director: The Zorgos Project, distributing 3000 free copies of The Bullying Antidote (the first bullying book to connect bullying with ACEs) to Oakland parents.

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