Friendly Feminism

from Perfectly Revolting

from Perfectly Revolting

Astrologically, or something, Kristen’s divine purpose in life is revealing and strengthening the feminine principle. Whatever that means, much of Kristen’s writing circles around the lives and thoughts and problems and gifts of women. (See Dance Like a DecoBelle,  Perfectly Revolting, The Reason She Left, The Souls of Her Feet, Renaissance Woman, The Patchwork Princess Project; Little Old Legacies; Sammy Sperm & Emily Eggplus the forthcoming Mirror Imag(in)e, The Number the Beast, and I, Uterus.)

Contact Kristen to speak on topics found in these books to girls and women, boys and men in search of empowerment, comedy, or intellectual engagement.

Past presentations include:

  • Deconstructing the Deco Diet — a lecture about women’s history through the delicious and sometimes disturbing lens of vintage cookbooks (Miami Beach, San Francisco Art Deco Societies)
  • Get What You Want Without Being a B **** —Assertiveness & self-esteem for women) — workshop at Mills College
  • Recording a Revolution—how she used cartoon journalism to tell the story of the historic 1990 Student Strike
Renaissance Woman

© Kristen Caven from Perfectly Revolting

Walk-Off Pie Video

Tante & Grandma

a scene from the Patchwork Princess Project/The Souls of Her Feet

a scene from the Patchwork Princess Project/The Souls of Her Feet


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