Generations? Invocation!

On Monday I’ll be reading my poem, “Invocation,” for the first time! I wrote it in 2015 in deep collaboration with Franz Liszt himself—it’s one of my creative treasures and I’ll be giving it my all!

Writing Partners since 1969

Come one, come all, to my debut reading at Bay Area Generations. I have followed this literary adventure series since 2015, and served on the board in 2017. Generations is a paired reading series featuring partners from different generations.

My partner is my favorite writing partner, the one and only Louise Hart! Even as I read to invoke, she will read to reflect, playing with rhymes to “invocation” in a wonderful poem she wrote for her 80th birthday. She has spoken all over the world as a teacher and author, but this is the first time she’s reading poetry in public!

I’ll be bringing some small books to sell (trust me, you will want the reader’s guide to Invocation), but you’ll receive a souvenir event chapbook just for coming!

Bay Area Generations #69

Monday, May 27 at 7 pm

pillars - amos white
photo credit: Amos White
at Harrington Galleries (Mission District)
599 Valencia Street, San Francisco
1 Block from BART (16th St. Station)
Tickets: $10 suggested donation.
Includes souvenir chapbook.
Wine bar!!!
I’m so excited to be a featured reader!
I hope you can come enjoy mom and I and all of the other featured readers—many of whom are members of the California Writers Club!

Read more about my poem, Invocation, (a.k.a. Rise, Voice of My Soul) on Generous Muse.

photo credit: Tim Corbin
At a time when the knowledgeable are seeing a dire future as our climate warms past the point of hospitability and the ignorant are blocking all attempts to do something about it, regular folks struggle with their feelings as well as their actions. Parents of this generation, who are raising children in a world entitled to its materialism, have unspoken nightmares that their wired-up grandkids may live in a world without glaciers, tigers, coral reefs, or, for that matter, food. I have been struggling for years to give voice to this alarming disconnect, but with crises like bullying or school needs looming in the foreground of my attention, it is rare that I can pull my thoughts coherently together….” —Kristen Caven on writing Invocation

Invocation is a poem about facing climate catastrophe. Howling with the Wolf Pack Writers Action Group!

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