Happy Hour for Happier Kids!

Let’s start Thanksgiving early at The Lake Chalet!
happy hour
We are working hard to bring The ZORGOS Project to Oakland, and our Start Some Good fundraiser (http://startsomegood.com/zorgos) ends the day before Thanksgiving!
Help us meet our goal and share in our GRATITUDE with our supporters at this event!
IMAGINE an Oakland where respect, kindness, and caring are practiced in all homes!
THE ZORGOS PROJECT will bring positive change to Oakland through parent education, connection, and consciousness. In Esperanto, ZORGOS means “I will care.” The word also symbolizes the power to shift harmful bullying dynamics into caring and kindness, and positivity.
IMAGINE the potential change in our schools when attendance rises because students feel safe….
To accomplish this, THE ZORGOS PROJECT is donating 3000 copies of THE BULLYING ANTIDOTE to school, church, work, and community groups to empower parents with the research-based tools they need to cure the cultural mean-ness that hurts and holds back children, teens, and adults alike.
IMAGINE schools where our teachers are less stressed and experience greater success because kids have better emotional connections at home. Together, we can do it!
Through parent reading groups, we will create conversations where they need to happen, and expand the positive parenting community in Oakland, where non-violence is our greatest hope.
IMAGINE a bully-free Oakland…
Donors and friends, please come join us!
Get your copy of THE BULLYING ANTIDOTE at our party at Lake Chalet, Tuesday, November 24th, rain or shine!
All donors will be entered to win a FREE Gondola ride, courtesy Gondola Servizio!
Bring your friends, bring family, and bring your cell phone for our 11th hour rally! It’s Happy Hour (3-6) AND Taco Tuesday at the Lake Chalet, from 3 until closing!

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Read and pledge: http://startsomegood.com/zorgos
More about us: http://startsomegood.com/Venture/kristen_caven_and_oakland_parents_together
Request books: www.zorgosproject.org
And why not book a gondola ride? http://gondolaservizio.com/

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