Things I’ve Done

I began keeping a log of my writerly career in the early ‘ots… and set myself the goal in 2010 to write a book AND reach into at least one new creative space each year. Thus far…


1/19 – Song collaboration with DeVante Winn, SF Conservatory “Bedside Manner”

2/9 – Choreo/Taught “Around the World in Eighty Minutes” Dance Playshop

2/13 – Began serializing my forthcoming memoir, Ten Days, Ten Pounds on Wattpad

3/10 – Co-founded Wolf Pack Writers Action Group

4/24 – Dance instigator for Sunrise Movement Green New Deal Town Hall

5/23 – Quoted in Me, Inc. by Jane Harkness on

5/27- Read Invocation poem at Bay Area Generations, San Francisco

6/15 – 4th edition of The Souls of Her Feet celebrated at the CWC Member Book Launch, Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland

7/7 – Foot of the Rockies Shoe Salon in Boulder, Colorado

8/21 – Shoe Salon with Ladies who Lit at The Bellevue Club, Oakland

8/31 – Zumbathon for Peace – Oakland Peace Center

9/21 – Bathing Beauties Beach Boardwalk Redux AND NCIBA book show

11/01-11/30 – NaNoWriMo – writing first draft of Mirror, Imag(in)e everywhere



Throughout 2018 – co-produced a monthly writer’s speaker series for the California Writers Club; also wrote a monthly column entitled “The Wind in Our Sails.”

1/2 – Interview with The Flourishing Center Founder Emiliya Zhivotovskaya on The Flourishing Center Podcast on Live Happy!

1/7 – “The Fountain of You” Keynote for the first Wellness Week at The Bellevue Club.

1/21 – Hosted a post-Women’s March Reading of  11/9: The Fall of American Democracy featuring “I am Woman, Hear Me [redacted]” essay + Zumba demo

1/28 Hosted Museday Writing Retreat


2/25 – “Black Music Matters” Dance Playshop


3/25 – “This changed my life” —Oprah learns about ACEs and Trauma-informed care on ACEs Connection


4/18 – “Imagine: The EcoBellevue” – Wellness Wednesday lecture

4/20 – “Socialites and Antisocial Clubs” – featured speaker at first Members on the Mic


5/7 – “Birthdays and Borders” published on Fred’s Blog travel magazine


saturation salon image6/15 – Members on the Mic at The Bellevue Club: first reading of Ten Days, Ten Pounds.

6/17 – Read The Vesuvian Affair at Laurel Bookstore’s book launch for The California Writers Club


7/7 “Saturation“ reading at the Colonica Il Palmerino in Florence, Italy: Ten Days, Ten Pounds.


8/10 “The Women Workout” choreography & performance; hosted The Women at The Bellevue Club


9/21 Organized Peace Day reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Frank Ogawa Plaza.

9/28 “Roll Out the Barrel” ~ Polka instigator at Oakland’s Oaktoberfest


10/23 “The Kiss” ~ Featured reader at Dirty Old Women literary salon



Monthly: presided over CWC meetings.

12/31 – New Year’s Eve Happy Dance with KRS-10

12/17 – Hosted CWC Holiday Open Mic

11/16 – Hosted Writing Retreat @ Rancho Deluxe

11/5 – “How to Give Out Zorgos Awards” on ACES Too High


img_418310/15 ZORGOS DAY! Completion celebration & awards ceremony for The Zorgos Project


October – Choreographed “My Shot” for Hurricane Maria fundraiser



8/17 – ROAD TRIP – featured storyteller at Storyslam Oakland

8/13 – The Power of Zorgos at Oakland Natives Give Back Attend & Achieve Rally – final book giveaway!

8/9 – Kristen Caven’s Creative Convivium!


7/4 – “I am Woman, Hear Me [redacted]” essay published in  11/9: The Fall of American Democracy

7/23 – Received Jack London Award


3 times: With a Flourish, introductory class for The Flourishing Artist.

June: Began teaching Zumba at Rossmoor

6/18 – Elected president of California Writer Club Berkeley Branch after OBF

6/17 – Fiction Author Panel at Barnes & Noble, Emeryville

6/1 – “The Future’s So Bright” personal essay published in anthology for parents of ADHD kids, We Are In This Together.


5/5 – Hosted Momedy Hour open mic at the Bellevue Club

5/19 – Mini-Zumbathon at Oakland Tech

5/27 – CWC Political Authors at Laurel Bookstore

Joined Bay Area Generations board

* * *

 4/7 – The Spiritual Side of ADHD and Hoarding published in ADDitude Magazine online.

4/8 – Received certificate in applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center

4/13 – Writing Retreat @ Rancho Deluxe

4/22 – Read Ted’s Tender Trophy at Full of Crow: The Spring Murder

4/29 – Pilot program for The Flourishing Artist

cover2April: Life in the Fast Brain discontinued; reprints to Awesomeness Development & Happiness Directive

* * *

1/24: YES Conference, SF, presenter, “Homemade Hybrid”


* * *

12/5 – All American Bully published on Kindred.

11/9 – choreographed I Am Woman for Pantsuit Zumba. Blog post about it, I Am Woman, Hear Me…Cry? selected for 11/9 Charity Poetry Anthology.

* * *

9/18 – Hosted We Are Not Worthy reading by Alumni authors at St. John’s Bookstore, Santa Fe NM

9/11 – premiered “Lost pages from Hot Tea in the Tropics at the Gatsby Summer Afternoon, Dunsmuir House, Oakland.

* * *

8/21 – Be Mused performed at Lake Merritt, one of three plays chosen for the first annual Aluminous Flash Mob Play Contest

* * *

July-September – Writer’s Residency at the Liminal Center in Oakland

* * *

7/23 – Organized & Emcee’d California Writers Club State-Wide Picnic (with open mic and literary cake contest) in Joaquin Miller Park & To Build a Fire with The Heart of the Muse.  Performed song, Joaquin Miller (Went Walkin’).

7/16 – Choreographed comedic Culturally Insensitive Siamese Twins ‘Sing and Sang Song’ Do a Little Dance” for the 1920’s Circus Picnic in Tilden Park. (With Leah Vass.)

* * *

6/14 – “On Zorgos” presentation to Kiwanis Club of Berkeley

6/11 – Why I Wrote a Male Fairy Godmother essay published in The Good Men Project

6/5 – Author appearance at Bay Area Book Festival, Berkeley (CWC booth)

* * *

5/22 – “By a Waterfall” Choreographed and performed with the DecoBelles for dedication of Birds of Lake Merritt murals by Cleo Villet at the Bellevue Club

5/4 – The Souls of Her Feet bookstore launch at Laurel Bookstore

* * *

4/1 – Take a Walk in My Scarpa in Synchronized Chaos

* * *

3/19 – Reading at Liminal Center, Oakland + The Souls of Her Feet SHOE SALON™ at SoleSpace

* * *

2/19 – co-produced Pearls Before Wine at The Heart of the Muse at Rhythmix Cultural Works, Alameda

2/4 – Go Idle Free talk to Girl Scout Troop 31339

* * *

1/19 – Read first excerpt from Mirror Imag(in)e at Get Lit #8, Ale Industries/Nomadic Press

1/17 – Spoke about the adventure of writing and publishing (specifically The Zorgos Project) at California Writers Club Berkeley Branch meeting.

1/12 – Let the Children Lose It essay on David Bowie on Medium.

1/8 – Zorgos Core Group launch!

1/5 – How to Make Pornocello on Medium.

And Before That….

Scenes from the archives…