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Monthly: presided over CWC meetings.
12/31 – New Year’s Eve Happy Dance with KRS-10
12/17 – Hosted CWC Holiday Open Mic
11/16 – Hosted Writing Retreat @ Rancho Deluxe
11/5 – “How to Give Out Zorgos Awards” on ACES Too High
img_418310/15 ZORGOS DAY! Completion celebration & awards ceremony for The Zorgos Project
October – Choreographed “My Shot” for Hurricane Maria fundraiser
8/17 – ROAD TRIP – featured storyteller at Storyslam Oakland
8/13 – The Power of Zorgos at Oakland Natives Give Back Attend & Achieve Rally – final book giveaway!
8/9 – Kristen Caven’s Creative Convivium!
7/4 – “I am Woman, Hear Me [redacted]” essay published in  11/9: The Fall of American Democracy
7/23 – Received Jack London Award
3 times: With a Flourish, introductory class for The Flourishing Artist.
June: Began teaching Zumba at Rossmoor
6/18 – Elected president of California Writer Club Berkeley Branch after OBF
6/17 – Fiction Author Panel at Barnes & Noble, Emeryville
6/1 – “The Future’s So Bright” personal essay published in anthology for parents of ADHD kids, We Are In This Together.
5/5 – Hosted Momedy Hour open mic at the Bellevue Club
5/19 – Mini-Zumbathon at Oakland Tech
5/27 – CWC Political Authors at Laurel Bookstore
Joined Bay Area Generations board
 4/7 – The Spiritual Side of ADHD and Hoarding published in ADDitude Magazine online.
4/8 – Received certificate in applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center
4/13 – Writing Retreat @ Rancho Deluxe
4/22 – Read Ted’s Tender Trophy at Full of Crow: The Spring Murder
4/29 – Pilot program for The Flourishing Artist
cover2April: Life in the Fast Brain discontinued at ADDitude Mag; reprints to Awesomeness Development & Happiness Directive
1/24: YES Conference, SF, presenter, “Homemade Hybrid”


12/5 – All American Bully published on Kindred.
11/9 – choreographed I Am Woman for Pantsuit Zumba. Blog post about it, I Am Woman, Hear Me…Cry? selected for 11/9 Charity Poetry Anthology.
9/18 – Hosted We Are Not Worthy reading by Alumni authors at St. John’s Bookstore, Santa Fe NM
9/11 – premiered “Lost pages from Hot Tea in the Tropics at the Gatsby Summer Afternoon, Dunsmuir House, Oakland.
8/21 – Be Mused performed at Lake Merritt, one of three plays chosen for the first annual Aluminous Flash Mob Play Contest
July-September – Writer’s Residency at the Liminal Center in Oakland
7/23 – Organized & Emcee’d California Writers Club State-Wide Picnic (with open mic and literary cake contest) in Joaquin Miller Park & To Build a Fire with The Heart of the Muse.  Performed song, Joaquin Miller (Went Walkin’).
7/16 – Choreographed comedic Culturally Insensitive Siamese Twins ‘Sing and Sang Song’ Do a Little Dance” for the 1920’s Circus Picnic in Tilden Park. (With Leah Vass.)
6/14 – “On Zorgos” presentation to Kiwanis Club of Berkeley
6/11 – Why I Wrote a Male Fairy Godmother essay published in The Good Men Project
6/5 – Author appearance at Bay Area Book Festival, Berkeley (CWC booth)
5/22 – “By a Waterfall” Choreographed and performed with the DecoBelles for dedication of Birds of Lake Merritt murals by Cleo Villet at the Bellevue Club
5/4 – The Souls of Her Feet bookstore launch at Laurel Bookstore
4/1 – Take a Walk in My Scarpa in Synchronized Chaos
3/19 – Reading at Liminal Center, Oakland + The Souls of Her Feet SHOE SALON™ at SoleSpace
2/19 – co-produced Pearls Before Wine at The Heart of the Muse at Rhythmix Cultural Works, Alameda
2/4 – Go Idle Free talk to Girl Scout Troop 31339
1/19 – Read first excerpt from Mirror Imag(in)e at Get Lit #8, Ale Industries/Nomadic Press
1/17 – Spoke about the adventure of writing and publishing (specifically The Zorgos Project) at California Writers Club Berkeley Branch meeting.
1/12 – Let the Children Lose It essay on David Bowie on Medium.
1/8 – Zorgos Core Group launch!
1/5 – How to Make Pornocello on Medium.


All year: Life in the Fast Brain published; reprints to Awesomeness Development & Happiness Directive
12/1 – Vino, Vidi, Vesuvia published in Doorknobs and Body Paint Issue #80, Pandemonium Press
11/25 – Fundraising wrap-up for The Zorgos Project at Lake Chalet
11/24 & 11/24 – spoke to Kiwanis Club about The Zorgos Project
10/31 – Una Pulmonis reads The Sleach at Heart of the Muse pop-up at Impact Hub Blood Drive.
10/15 Your Writing Exercise is … Exercise! on Writer’s Fun Zone
9/25 – Presented Inside the Mills Revolution for the 25th Anniversary of the Student Strike, in partnership with the makers of The Untitled Mills Strike Documentary. Audience read-along!
images9/9 – Book Launch party for The Souls of Her Feet paperback!
7/11 – Read Not Just a Fairytale; Maybe a Dream Come True graphic narrative from The Reason She Left at Laurel Bookstore for BeastCrawl 2015.
6/17 – “Invoking the Muses” at the Octopus Literary Salon with Daniel Finnamore.
2/2 – 3/25 – wrote Ten Pounds in Ten Days, a travel blog about a “mindblowing” trip to Italy, including the near death of a friend and a relationship with a volcano
1/17 – Premiere performance of Invocation with Daniel Finnamore at the OT Stage


All year: Life in the Fast Brain published; reprints to Awesomeness Development & Happiness Directive
10/15 – I’m Rubber; We’re Glue: Teaching Kids Emotional Power & Self-Advocacy presentation @ San Ramon Valley PTSA
9/20 – Reading of The Souls of Her Feet at Writer’s Café, Mills College
cover5/1 – First installment of Dance Like a DecoBelle sent to 3 subscribers
5/19 – The Souls of Her Feet reading and interview at the Literary Foolery Cabaret.
4/10 – The Bullying Antidote teleseminar @ Oakland Tech Parent University
4/26 – Zumbathon 2014 at Oakland Tech


11/2 & 11/15 – Stop Bullying with Positive Parenting with Dr. Louise Hart at Children’s Resources of Napa
10/10 – Hosted LitCake, an open house for the CWC.
10/1 – “Cartoonist at Play” feature in The Monthly magazine
9/23 – “Walk-Off Pie” video with Donald celebrating the Oakland A’s sweepiness
8/19 – The Tale of the Oakland Horses cartoon published in Oakland Unseen
7/29 – won first prize in the California Writers Club LitCake literary dessert contest with “HAL 9000 cake”
book tilted7/10 – The Bullying Antidote book launch readings at Laurel Bookstore & A Great Good Place for Books. “Ask Me About Zorgos.”
6/16 – “Inventing Zorgos” with Dr. Louise Hart – pre-launch book talk for California Writers Club, Berkeley Branch
5/17 – Indiegogo campaign ends; $2505 raised towards completing The Souls of Her Feet musical.
5/18 – 3-week writing retreat with Michael O’Dell
5/19 – The Souls of Her Feet novel reading at California Writers Club; opening for Julia Flynn Siler, NYT Bestselling author of Lost Kingdom –  watch video
4/21 – The Souls of Her Feet ebook is published in two formats: The Souls of Her Feet (a novel cinderella) and The Souls of Her Feet (a musical cinderella).
4/27 – The Souls of Her Feet book launch (& lawn lunch) party – watch video
3/17 – began Life in the Fast Brain blog
3/19 – launched The Zorgos Reader anti-bullying blog


wings cover tilt9/16 – Re-released On the Wings of Self-Esteem (Uplift Press) — with author credit!
9/30 – Launched the Bulldog Book Club at Oakland Tech
7/30 – Wrote new lyrics to the Olympic Theme.
6/15 – Became Membership Chair for the California Writers Club.
5/19  Zumbathon at Oakland Tech with Jackie Broussard
5/30 – Launched Fairy Tale Reality site

4/30 – Started publishing The Souls of Her Feet blook.

2/17 – Volunteered for the San Francisco Writers Conference.
ss_cover 4in. 722/14 – “Released” Sammy Sperm’s Guide to Safe Sex
1/28 – ANMT workshop at the Alcove Theater in San Francisco. Learned how not to present a scene from a musical.


11/20 – opened for Karen Joy Fowler with The Reason She Left at the California Writers’ Club meeting.
11/27 – Tabled at the Rock Paper Scissors East Bay ‘Zine Fest with creative Kristi Holohan at 924 Gilman, where Green Day put in their 10,000 hours.
11/1 – Wrote new lyrics for St. John’s College fight song.
10/21 – Letter to the Editor about #Occupy, Oakland Tribune
10/20 – Assertiveness and Self-Esteem Workshop with Louise Hart at Mills College (Witches not Bitches)
10/19 – Launched Little Old Legacies blogTRSL_cover.jpg
10/15 – article about me and my mom in the Montclarion and other Hills newspapers
10/1 – The Reason She Left book launch on the fringe of Litquake! Presented at “Local Literary Lights” in the Laurel sponsored by Laurel Bookstore at Fruitvale Presbyterian Church; partied afterwards at Isotope Comics Lounge, SF.
9/24 – Hosted Mills Reunion Writer’s Café – Mills Tea Shop
July issue of The MonthlyThe Comeback Cartoonist interview with Kristen by Paul Kilduff
June/July issue of Natural Solutions Magazine: Beauty at Every Age  article
6/25 – Finished the book trailer for Perfectly Revolting just before heading to the east coast…

5/4-6/4 – Goodreads Book Giveaway for Perfectly Revolting
– Ten lucky people (of 765 requested) got a free book!  Details.
5/13 – Nominated for not one but TWO Oakland Indie Awards! (Categories: “Oakland Soul” and “Pillar.”) Flattered!
3/31 – “Beyond the Nuclear Option” guest blog for Louise Hart’s newsletter
3/2 – Read to kids on Dr. Seuss’ birthday! Little Pig’s Busy Day for 2/3rd graders. Selections from The Tough Coughs as He Ploughs the Dough to 5th graders.
3/1 –The Best of Oakland guest blog on the Oakland Tribune’s Education Report
2/6 – Organized Parent University event at Bret Hart Middle School feat. Debra Carter-Kelley.


12/23 – Ballet cartoon appears (cover) in Bend issue of Rudolf’s Diner.
12/12 – Dimond Winterfest, Oakland, CA
11/4 – Performed Hymn to Asphaltia at Heart of the Muse, Alameda, CA
10/24 – Taught Ten Teens to Tango (Mother/Son dance class) at Dimond Rec Center: social dance in five easy steps… in no time at all!
9/25 – 10/19 – Planet of Slow Learners appeared in All College Art Show at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
10/3 – Writer’s Salon and Strike Exhibit reception speech at the Mills Reunion

6/11 – Book signing for Perfectly Revolting at A Great Good Place for Books

6/4 – ‘Revolting’ Cartoonist to Sign Books in Montclair by Taylor Maurand, featured in the Montclarion, San Jose Mercury News, and the Marin Independent Journal. (About the Caven maven problem.)

"Perfectly delightful." "
“Perfectly delightful.”5/28 – Book signing at Laurel Bookstore. (Yes, I had two.)

5/27 – Book signings at Dimond Curves AND Laurel Bookstore.
5/18 – Author Event at California Writers Club Berkeley Branch meeting. “Opened” for Ransom Stephens, author of The God PatentRead review.
5/4 – Book Launch at Launch of 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Mills Student Strike at Mills College Student Union.5/1 – 5/31 Perfectly Revolting special edition available on
4/29 Book signing at Mills College Bookstore

4/25 Performed “Joaquin Miller (went walkin’)” at Friends of Joaquin Miller Park inaugural gathering.
3/14 Publicity kick-off for Perfectly Revolting. A fabulous tea party with “dramatic cartoon readings” at Mills College. (See photo/essay here)
2/10 Drop Everything And Read day at Sequoia Elementary School in Oakland. Read the unfolding story of Little Pig’s Busy Day with the help of kindergarteners and 2nd graders. (See photo/news here).


3/1 “Couch Reading” of The Souls of Her Feet on a rainy Sunday in a gorgeous Oakland living room. Read about it here.

2008Souls logo animated lg

8/4 Staged reading of The Souls of Her Feet at Playwright’s Horizons in NYC
Collaborated with Louise Hart on new book proposal
4/1 The Lady in Red published in The Sophisticate (view article)


12/1 Atomic Comic published in ROCK issue of Rudolf’s Diner.
9/1 Five Furry Friends essay published in FIVE issue of of Rudolf’s Diner.
7/18 Deconstructing the Deco Diet Lecture  for the Art Deco Society at Hotel Rex in SF
5/5 Performed Joaquin Miller (went Walkin’) at Joaquin Miller Park


cover12/1 Myth America published in FACE issue of Rudolf’s Diner
11/14 Deconstructing the Deco Diet” – lecture for Miami Design Preservation League, Miami Beach (see below)
10/1 Deconstructing the Deco Diet published in TABLE issue of Rudolf’s Diner
7/31 Performed Joaquin Miller (went Walkin’) at Woodminister Amphitheater in Joaquin Miller Park
montclarion6/21 Debuted Joaquin Miller (went Walkin’) at first annual Dimond Celebration, Oakland, CA
4/1 Deconstructing the Deco Diet article published in The Sophisticate (see below)
Quarterfinalist in the 2006 in the Writer’s Network screenplay & fiction competition for Shoes, a Mirror, and a Big Pink Rose..
|belly Attachments:  Deco Diet.pdf  Miami Herald.pdf



10/9 “Building Child-Friendly Communities” lecture at NAEYC Conference, San Mateo



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