A smattering of recordings for your listening pleasure…

AWP2020: Being Human (panel moderator)

In which I moderate this panel about adding books to the canon
Kristen Caven · Being Human: How Literature Helps

Books that Make You: …Want to Live in a Fairytale

A fun conversation with Desiree Duffy about the soul of Cinderella and larger-than-life feet:

“95% Quirk” on The Flourishing Podcast: Living Creatively 

Finding your reason for being through Ikigai. My freewheeling conversation with Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, a “pracademicpreneur who offers edutainial experiences,” starts at 8:30.


On Creative Adaptation:

Opera, Musical, Screenplay, Blog, Book? A chat with Beth Barany


The Kilduff Files: “President of Failed Cartoonists Club”