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Once, when Kristen was interviewed by The Monthly, who called her “one of the East Bay’s most inspiring people,” her family turned it into a running joke…. But with muses constantly asking for her ear, inspiration is everything.
Kristen is the co-host of Heart of the Muse, a monthly creative’s salon that seeks to get to the center of inspiration.

“The stars? Pfff. You get inspired sitting on the pot.” — Kevin to Jayne in I, Uterus

Kicking off an event? Book a special multi-media performance of INVOCATION with Daniel Finnamore on Piano!

Things that inspire Kristen:

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 Some Random Creatives I Adore:

• Italo Calvino • Jasper Fforde • N.E. Bode • Walter Moers • Marguerite Henry • Tina Fey • Amy Poehler • Kurt Vonnegut • Claire Booth Luce • Anita Loos • Dorothy Parker • Marilyn Monroe • Shel Silverstein • Robin Williams • Kristin Chenoweth • Dave Caven • Mike Goldenberg • Joss Whedon • Amos White • Joaquin Miller • Franz Liszt

Some Celebrities With Whom I Have Made Eye Contact:

Esther Williams • Marshawn Lynch • Tippi Hedren • Bruce Springsteen (IMHO) • Maura Tierney • Tom Cavanaugh • Janis Siegel (Manhattan Transfer) • Jonathan Larson • Terry Tempest Williams • Harry Connick Jr. (it was electric)



Oh, and then there’s this lady…

lucky to have such a great mom!

I love my mom!

My amazing mom, Dr. Louise Hart, who has changed the world for the better.