Love, Dancing & Being SEEN

When you follow the blog of a multipotentialite (a.k.a. polymath a.k.a. Renaissance Woman), you never know what might be served up. Neither do I, frankly! I can get so stuck trying to choose what to write about that time flies by and my best work gets lost in the shuffle.

I’m going to try to make it easier on all of us! My goal this year is to send out a blog every Sunday on these general themes:

  • 1st Sundays: My Glamorous Writing (and/or artsy fartsy) Life
  • 2nd Sundays: I’m Feelin’ This…
  • 3rd Sundays: From the Archives
  • 4th Sundays: Upcoming Events & special offers
  • 5th Sundays (when we get ’em): Muse’s Choice!

This being a fourth Sunday…

HERE are some things happening in February:


imagesI’ll be promoting The Souls of Her Feet: a novel cinderella. It’s a romance, after all! If you haven’t read it, you can buy it online, order it from your local bookstore, or read it for free. (Note, the free version is a developmental version but it’s got a really fun backstory, music, and interactive features.) YES, “Souls” it’s also a musical! That project is back-burnered for now…but you never know what will happen next.

I love this book so much! Next Big Thing Tristan Cunningham ‘discovered’ it a few years ago for the Literary Foolery Cabaret, and we had way too much fun with that. She said,

“Kristen Caven is incredible! The Souls of Her Feet was a joy to read. I felt young again, and excited about love after reading. It inspired me to create a clown show based on the book so enough said there. Watch out world for this talented woman!” 

Do you LOVE shoes? Join ‘SHOE & TELL!‘ 


screen shot 2019-01-27 at 8.31.19 pmThere are still some spaces left in my “Around the World in 80 Minutes” Dance Playshop in two weeks. I’ve got guests coming this month from as far away as Turkey! Click here to reserve your spot. Refreshments are included. Also did you know you can follow me (as KRS-10) on Facebook?

2/9 10am-noon ~ Add to your Google Calendar

Being SEEN!

I’m very excited to sponsor Kellita, a.k.a. “The Mr. Rogers of Burlesque” a.k.a. “The Showgirl Shaman” in presenting a workshop on 2/26 for anyone interested in the “inner side” of branding and visibility.


See if this workshop is for you... and definitely:

Take the Showgirl Archetype Quiz whether you attend or not!

Here’s where you get tickets!

Psst, my special guests can use the code “BESEEN” for a $10 discount.

2/26 7-9pm ~ Add to your Calendar


CWC-Logo-smallEvery month I preside over meetings and events of the California Writers Club, and I also curate presenters. This month we’re presenting Aqueila M. Ross-Lewis on “The Power of Poetry” on February 17th. Come for the inspiration, stay for the perspiration! Writers in our club get things published! You can always read my column, The Wind in Your Sails, plus lots of other interesting things, in our monthly newsletter, Write Angles.

2/17 2-4:30 ~ Add to your Calendar

Have a great week! Hope to see you around.


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