Mending After Malaria ~ a friendly fundraiser

You know that story, about the guy on the beach throwing starfish back into the ocean after a storm? And how the writer of the story asks him, “How can it matter, one starfish at a time, with so many who are stranded?” And the guy tosses another back and says, “It mattered to this one?”

Well I know I can’t really help all homeless people or all Africans and I usually put my money towards women and girls but I’ve got a little place in my heart for a certain Facebook friend who helped me through some tough moments last year. Last year. I made a lot of new friends in other countries. I knew I’d make them in Italy but really didn’t expect the Nigerians.

So here’s one more assignment from the Generous Muse.

My friend Ike is a little bit mad at me for doing this, by the way. He says I don’t understand, and I probably don’t understand. But I don’t think HE understands the power of writing, of story telling. And he’s certainly put a face on a new reality for me. We are so blessed in America, as much as “people” scream about immigrants. Please share a little support with this special guy. He’s sleeping in a stairwell and feeling blessed. A few dollars or just a comment would be beautiful.

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What do you think?

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