The Retreats

Gathering to work quietly…no coaching, no prompts…you know what your work is. In an elegant location in a community of writers. Or a cozy corner. Or not in a room at all. Contact Kristen for more information.


The Hashtag

My favorite day of the week is Museday…the day I spend seeking inspiration, finding expression, being creative.


This is a hashtag anyone can add when sharing the wonderful creative work they have done today. (@Museday is a Twitter handle that belongs to some artsy Russian who is mostly interested in his stats.) #Museday is an easy way creatives can share with other creatives. You can share anything you like, as long as it is freshly inspired.

How can I participate in #Museday? What are the ‘rules?’

  • There is only one rule: you post what came fresh from the muses—your source of inspiration—TODAY. 
  • Use the hashtag #Museday in your posts IF you’re sharing news, pictures, new work.
  • Especially use #Museday on a Tuesday!
  • Generously retweet other #Museday posts, especially if they inspire you.

#museday on Instagram ~ let’s fill it with art!