Kristen Caven gives presentations on a variety of topics related to her writing.

Parenting Workshops

Through Uplift Programs, for parents and caregivers of children from preschool to high school, often with author/speaker/community psychologist Dr. Louise Hart 

  • Beyond Bullying – a workshop presenting non-violent concepts that prevent bullying dynamics for all humans.
  • I’m Rubber, We’re Glue – teaching kids emotional strength and self-advocacy

Dance Playshops

2-hour sessions that exercise your body and educate your brain. More info here.

For Kids & Teens

  • Classroom readings of Little Pig’s Busy Day  an interactive storytelling & sequencing lesson for k-2 classes that the kids love! See article.
  • My Homemade Hybrid for new drivers about fuel conservation.
  • Get What You Want Without Being a B **** Assertiveness & self-esteem for women, teens & tweens

For Sophisticates

  • Deconstructing the Deco Diet — a lecture about  women’s history through the lens of vintage cookbooks (Miami Beach, San Francisco Art Deco Societies); includes dramatic recipe readings by participants.
  • The Souls of Her Feet SHOE SALONS™ – readings from The Souls of Her Feet songs from the musical, champagne and chocolate….featuring YOU and your favorite shoes in a Souls of Her Feet SHOE AND TELL™!

“Kristen was a wonderful speaker, full of genuine smiles and a nice sense of humor about life”
— Wendy Bartlett

“Humorously honest and honestly humorous.”
—Laura Nicodemus

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