“Happenings are difficult to describe, in part because each one is unique and completely different from one another.” —Wikipedia

What my events all have in common is that people say “we should do this again!”

I work with schools, parent organizations, arts organizations, nonprofits, and dream collaborators on my lectures, parties, readings, dances, and costumed hijinx.  Through Generous Muse, Uplift Programs, and The Flourishing Artist,  I produce, provoke, and/or provide entertaining, uplifting educational and community experiences.


My ongoing classes focus on wellness and vitality, because they keep ME happy and healthy!


I offer well-crafted and engaging

  • Presentations
  • Conversations
  • Readings
  • Workshop Series
  • Parties
  • -Zumbathons
  • – Salons
  • – Convivia