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Tune up your nutrition with a 6-week, hands-on online workshop powered by Plate by Zumba™ by Dr. Mark Hyman and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Includes much much more, connecting you with resources that will get you ridiculously excited about fiber and what it can do for your health. Whatever your goals are—weight loss, healthier heart, brighter skin, lower blood pressure, once you learn the magic of Fiberlicious you’ll never see vegetables the same way again!

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Kristen Caven (a.k.a. KRS-10) is a certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, a certified Zumba teacher since 2011, and a certified Plate By Zumba coach. She has co-authored several books on positive parenting and a national blog on ADHD. Her playful spirit and investigative curiosity are a recipe for great vitality presentations such as:
  • Deconstructing the Deco Diet
  • The Fountain of You
  • Meet Your Microbiome
  • Dad’s Cool Dad School
  • The Flourishing Artist

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