The Flourishing Artist

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Traditional psychology is focused on helping those who are suffering from mental illness to return to normal. Flourishing is about living a life “north of normal,” finding satisfaction in every area of one’s existence.

I started The Flourishing Artist program (currently on hiatus) to support creative individuals in honing positivity skills to activate personal and creative goals.

The Seminars

Each in a series of seven workshops focuses on one traditional path to happiness: Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement, and Vitality. Each session includes unique instruction, exercises, tools, and co-coaching.


Gatherings of a core group of artists to bring their work together under a theme and present it to the public in an event that includes eating, drinking, laughter and deep conversation.

The Writing Well

A space for those writing towards their own wellness or society’s betterment to work together and support one another in their writing goals.


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