The Gametes

Sammy Sperm & Emily Egg

A Match Made in Utero: The Real World Adventures of Sammy Sperm AND Emily Egg’s Guide To Fashion

Two paper doll coloring books featuring everyone’s favorite pocket-sized gametes with their own adorable gender-based outfits to wear. A favorite of biologists and sex educators.

5.99 includes both books and U.S. shipping. Sales tax may be extra.

Emily Egg’s FairyPriestessAngelGoddess Newage Coloring Calendar sorry, out of print!

Sammy Sperm’s Guide to Safe Sex (featuring Emily Egg) – click here!

Sammy Sperm’s Guide to Safe Sex

ss_cover 4in. 72

A hilarious ice-breaker for conversations about sex, intimacy, and relationships!

ISBN: 978-1-4610-6185-4

Sammy Sperm explains the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of safe sex (i.e. in suits of armor, long distance) and unsafe sex (i.e. with dangerous animals, in busy streets), much to the chagrin of Emily Egg.

  • Buy one copy for $5 here
  •  Get 10 for $20 here
  • Get 100 for $125 here
  • Customize with your logo for $30 here
  • Also available on Amazon
  • 99¢ Kindle edition here.

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