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Volume Ten • September, 2013

kc super 2You can stop looking now. If you are looking for the definitive book on bullying, you have found it…”

Our long-awaited bullying book hit the bookshelves this summer!
We spoke to Kristen’s writers club on Father’s Day, affirming the importance of warm-hearted fathering and sharing some stories about our path to publication. In July, we launched the book at our neighborhood bookstore, surprised to find that half of the attendees were teachers or retired teachers! They see it all.
zorgos reader bookmarkWhile the book was being stacked on physical shelves around the country this summer, we launched an online resource called The Zorgos Reader, which contains links to all of the studies and helpful websites we amassed in our research. You can subscribe for updates, plus fresh news and advice we’ve found since the book went to press.
“…This book is so comprehensive, it covers societal factors, parenting styles, childhood development, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, brain science, best practices in schools, communication, and family dynamics, and all of the ways these factors contribute to the cause of—and then the solution to—bullying….”


you’ll like it.

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