The DecoBelle Diaries

The DecoBelles, under the direction of Laurie Gordon, are a renowned dance troupe in the San Francisco Bay Area who are dedicated to faithfully recreating the entertainment style of the 1920s to the 1940s (the Art Deco Era). Performing routines with as few as four and as many as 25 dancers for charity events and private parties, the troupe is not just an entertainment organization but a cultural phenomenon. The women who participate range in age from 16 to 56, some for decades, cultivate a culturally immersive lifestyle that embraces an era of unique style and zest.

In 1990, cartoonist, writer and feminist Kristen Caven was investigating 20th century femininity when she discovered the time-reversing milieu of the Art Deco Society of San Francisco. Soon she found find herself baring her thighs in public as a bathing beauty/chorus gal/femme fatale, and within a few years won the title of “Miss Art Deco.”

A collector of vintage prescriptive literature of the era (i.e. Alma Archer’s popular series from the 1930s, How to Be Smart and Charming), Caven has interviewed many of 100 or so dancers for her tongue-in-cheek guide to being a DecoBelle.  It is sure to delight Deco-loving dames and dancers of every stripe.

…”Even respectable young ladies who did not flounce around on stage for a living, taking jobs as typists, telephone operators and teachers instead, still learned to dance for fun. They bought fashion and cinema magazines, inspired by the styles of movies stars and fantasy pinup girls, whose apple cheeks (both facial and gluteal) were admired by men as being “better than cheesecake.” — Dance Like a DecoBelle


Unlike the pamphlets and booklets women once had to write away for, The DecoBelle Diaries (Future books include Dress Like a DecoBelle, Drive Like a DecoBelle, Drink Like a DecoBelle…etc!) are published electronically, one chapter at a time, until each book is complete.

Subscribe today for only $10 and receive semi-monthly chapters via email, plus a copy of the complete ebook when finished.


A Prescriptive Book for Ladies (serialization)

Decobelles, write to me if you would like to be intereviewed! Your colleagues are having great fun sharing their memories and feminine wisdom! You will be thanked both in and with a copy of the book!


The DecoBelles poolside at The Bellevue Club, 2016, evoking the original Aquabelles.

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