The Flourishing Artist LAUNCH!

This summer, I am thrilled to present a new creative effort that goes to another level. It’s not theater, it’s not literature, it’s not a performance: it’s YOU.

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I woke up one morning and realized the people who are most attracted to my literary works and death-defying creative efforts are the coolest people in the world. Like every artist, I love it when a fan wants to know everything about me, but sooner or later, when I start to listen, I find out what they’re into, and wow.  I got the most wonderful complement the other day from a brilliant pianist who has read all my books AND made me dinner: “You surround yourself with the best people.” (I think he was being sincere.)

My gift to myself is to create a community of passionate people who love learning and have visions of a amazing things. My gift to you is wisdom I’ve grown through my work in philosophy and psychology, creativity and craft. I have a shiny new Certificate in Positive Psychology and a truckload of knowledge to unpack, box after box. In our monthly seminars we’ll explore the questions of artists and humans, with a focus on the science of flourishing.

What is the science of flourishing? I will tell you all about it in…

A Flourishing Artist Sample Session!

In the 90-minute workshop, I will also give you the space to start planning a path to your own highest calling. Each time we meet thereafter, we will give each other energy, connections, and support towards our goals, breaking them down and celebrating each step on the way.

I have four Sample Sessions planned for this summer. Choose the date that works best for you:

  • Sunday, June 4th

  • Wednesday, June 28th

  • Friday July 21st

  • Sunday, August 27th

All sessions run from 4-5:30 p.m at the inspiring, exclusive Bellevue Club on Lake Merritt. Stay for cocktails or dinner on all dates, to network in the club’s private lounge.

Each season of The Flourishing Artist will culminate in a “Creative Convivium!” Please join me for the first one at on August 9th. The theme is “La Dolce Vita.” Not the movie…the idea.

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What do you think?

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