The Flourishing Artist

Greek philosophers defined happiness as the joy you feel when moving towards your highest potential.

The Flourishing Artist Creative Growth Activator combines seminarscreative retreats, speakers & workshopscoaching & consultingconvivia, and creative partnerships in a community of art and wellness in an inspiring Oakland retreat.

I created The Flourishing Artist to unite my artistic career with my work teaching positive psychology, the science of living with greater wellness and ease. It’s a bit of a paradox, since my creative life is so twisty, but that makes me uniquely qualified to help others to…

Flourish… with a flourish!

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My life is ridiculous. But wonderful. My brand is complex, and complicated. I am complex, and complicated. For example, I always knew I’d be an artist, so in school I tried to study everything else. (This made perfect sense to me.) As a feminist, I thought beauty queens, aerobics teachers, housewives and ladies who lunch were out of touch. Then I became them. (Feminine art forms, I tell you!) I love collaboration more than anything but have visions about exactly how things should be. (Resist authority. But be one.) But life is complex, and complicated. And ridiculous. And wonderful.

That’s why I make art. That’s why we make art.

There are things I need, as an artist, that all artists need. I designed The Flourishing Artist to fill these needs for myself and others. And I created it to share what I have learned in my pursuit of creative living, and about happiness. I am a scholar and lifetime learner who brings art to all the knowledge I find, and who brings knowledge to art.

For example: positive psychology brings together scientific research on the traditional paths to happiness: positivity, engagement, relationships, meaning or purpose, achievement, and vitality. As a cartoonist and a dance teacher, I created each of these “signature moves” to illustrate the energy of each of these paths.

Ask for the story about my own “signature move!”

In the six-week seminar series, I revolve through these themes with a focus on living creatively, loving our neuroses and cultivating awesomeness on our own terms. Learn more about these seminars, and get on the list for the next 3-month ActivatorOr check the calendarlike the Facebook Pagesubscribe to posts, or ask about the next sample seminar to learn more.

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“The universe buries strange jewels deep  within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” —Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

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