The Fountain of YOU…

Kick off your 2018 with inspiration and energy…Come check out my KEYNOTE speech for Wellness Week at The Bellevue Club this Sunday!

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525 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland CA 94610

KEYNOTE: Sunday, January 7th, 5:30p.m.

$10 donation • No-Host Cocktails from 5:00 pm• Free Parking 

photo: Laurie Gordon

The Fountain of Youth is a myth that spans centuries, cultures and continents. Keynote speaker Kristen Caven, who holds a degree in Myth and the Western Mind and a certificate in Positive Psychology, explores how we find meaning and motivation in this optimistic aging fantasy.

Expanding on the eternally rejuvenating benefits of social/athletic clubs, Caven will also present an overview of events and speakers at The Bellevue Club’s first Wellness Week.

Join Kristen for a Prime Rib dinner afterwards! RSVP

Come and explore The Fountain of YOU with all of these great events:

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Kristen Caven leads The Flourishing Artist program, teaches Zumba, and hosts a Women’s Writing Studio at The Bellevue Club.

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