The Uniquest Author Reading Ever

There is no describing my experience reading at The Literary Foolery Cabaret in San Francisco…I must show it!
In between clowny bits in which Gretchen is longing for a prince and Dr. Schmidt is trying to convince her otherwise, a wonderful musican named Josh Cook played some beautiful songs, and the smartest monkey in the world demonstrated his skills, I was interviewed:

And I did a little reading:
And I helped Dr. Schmidt talk to Gretchen about her problem.
Then they showed this movie, which was a tremendously funny finale and made me realize I had been the straight guy all along….
A round of applause for Tristan and Polina! Please go see a show at the Literary Foolery Cabaret (Formerly Literary Clown Foolery) at the Alleycat Bookstore!

What do you think?

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